Shardae & Nick

Shardae and Nick King definitely had a royalty wedding that represented their new last name together well! One of our favorite memories is our first meeting with Nick and Shardae. We had started doing virtual meetings due to the pandemic and Debbie was new to doing Zoom meetings. During their appointment, Debbie was having some audio issues, so she leaned into the computer thinking that would make her “hear” better. She didn’t know she could just turn up the volume. When she leaned in like that, Courtney asked her “mom what in the world are you doing?” Debbie said “I can’t hear them.” Nick and Shardae started laughing so hard. At that moment, we bonded. Nick also showed us his shoes for the wedding on that first call and we knew this wedding was going to be epic! We truly enjoyed working with Nick and Shardae because their families reminded us of our own. As we were decorating for the wedding, multiple times Nick’s sisters and brothers came down to see if we need anything. They all thanked us multiple times for the beautiful decorations. We were very caught off guard when we saw our names in their wedding programs. These two really thought about everyone else on their special day. We are looking forward to attending all of their family events now. We wish Nick and Shardae a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for becoming part of “The Krugh!”

We would also like to say a special thank you to for sharing all of the beautiful pictures that she captured from this great wedding!

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